How can social media video help me gain exposure for my business?

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As a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to engage your customers. Have you considered the many ways you can use video in your social media exchanges with customers? Everyone knows that seeing is believing and using video to increase your social media exposure can give your business the jumpstart you have been looking for. Start exploring the ways you can improve customer interaction through using video presentations.

Why Use Video?

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have forever changed the way you interact with your customers. You establish connections with customers through the social media venues, leading them to your business website or blog. Once they get there, why would they want to stay on your page? SEO articles and other content are informational and helpful, but after awhile it becomes boring. You need something to “break it up” for the customer. Including video, combined with other multimedia information such as photos, audio messages, and slideshows, will keep your web visitors intrigued and able to recall the information you share more easily.

Once a visitor views an informative and entertaining video about your company, he will share the link with his friends and business associates. They, in turn, will continue to share your company video link. The amount of exposure your company can gain from using video exchange in connection with social media is truly limitless.

Methods of Video Exchange

Using video to connect with your customers and prospective customers has never been easier. There are several different video forms to help you engage and interact with your customers:

Facebook Video Clip – With over 500 million Facebook users, this is one social media outlet you want to use to fully access. We will help you prepare a company video that you can upload via Facebook. People, who follow you on Facebook, will automatically have the video show up in their friends’ news feeds. People are more apt to watch a video than to read text, so this is a great way to gain new prospective customers!

LinkedIn Product Services – LinkedIn allows companies to add a video for each product and service they offer and list it on their company’s page. These videos will add an incredibly dynamic option to your services offered along with giving you an edge on your competition.

Web Television – Web television is one of the newest and most exciting video features. It is an amazingly effective concept to allow you to interact with your customers via social media video. Recording 5 to 7 minute segments posted via social media outlets will allow customers to interact with you by asking questions posted through a video response to your message. Everyone wants to have his voice heard and this is a perfect way to accomplish this.

These are only a few of the many social media video services that can help enhance the customer social media experience for your company. You will be surprised at how far video can take you in your social media marketing efforts.

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