How Can a Business Incorporate Workplace Wellness Plans Inexpensively?

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Workplace wellness plans provide employers and employees with numerous benefits. As a business owner, you'll benefit from these plans because they keep your employees healthy, productive, and happy. From simple to complex, these plans can also help you to keep health insurance lower (depending on the health insurance company your work with for your business's needs.) Most business owners don't have a large budget, though, to pay for expensive plans. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to encourage wellness inexpensively.

Simple Workplace Wellness Plans for Your Business

It's easy to implement a few policies and wellness programs to encourage and support your employees in getting healthy and preventing ailments. These recommendations are fast and inexpensive to establish.

#1: Work with area clinics to provide flu shots

When flu season rolls around, you'll have employees out of work battling the chills. To avoid this and to give your employees encouragement, sponsor a health flu clinic. Simply work with a nearby clinic or health care provider. Either welcome a health practitioner to your location for these wellness shots or set up a timeframe for employees to visit the clinic. Health insurance may even pay for these services.

#2: Encourage your employees to get preventative care

While providing health insurance for ailments and medical treatment is necessary, businesses often should focus on improving preventative care for employees. To keep them healthy, sponsor wellness checkups, work with area doctors to provide a list of services offered to employees, and give employees time off during the work day to make wellness appointments.

#3: Sponsor simple contests and challenges

You'll need to find a way to include everyone in these challenges, but programs like biking, swimming, or fitness workouts can really encourage employees to get in shape. Work with a local gym to schedule free time for employees to visit (such as before or after work) for a workout session on their own. Cover the costs of this type of gym time. You can also encourage employees to bring and eat healthy lunches, go for a walk on their break, or attend a fitness class once a week.

#4: Encourage ill employees to stay home

Part of wellness is keeping everyone healthy. A key way to do this to encourage ill employees to stay home instead of going to work. This can help you to keep other employees healthy and helps you to remain a compassionate employer. They appreciate it!

#5: Establish solid good hygiene rules at your place of employment

It's essential to provide a clean, well-maintained place for people to work. Teach employees how to keep their stations clean and provide supplies for doing this. Ensure hand sanitizing is always done. It's also a good idea to avoid sharing equipment that hasn't been cleaned.

These steps can help you to pull together a wellness plan that encourages your employees to maintain their health. This boosts productivity, encourages their overall well being, and helps to keep your health insurance costs lower in many situations.

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